lack of articulation

i've been attempting to think through a lot over the past few days and weeks, but nothing seems to mesh. i'm trying to figure out life, which never quite seems to work. i want to set goals for the new year -- not resolutions which have the sad connotation of getting broken rather quickly, but actual goals. the problem is: i don't know where i want to go this year. i don't know what i want my goals to be yet. every once in a while i get really inspired by something, but the inspiration rarely sticks for very long.

one thing that is a constant inspiration is reading other blogs. i'm not sure exactly why, but i think it may have to do with the fact that the stories and lives i read about day in and day out are about real people in real places doing real things.

the stories i read actually happened - they aren't manufactured stories designed to get me to feel a certain way or think a certain thing. they've actually happened.

i follow different blogs about people in different parts of the country, people with different professions who travel around the world and around their towns and homes, and they impact my life because they do everyday things too. and many of them have such a knack for seeing the positive things in life, and realizing who they are and how to see good in their situations.

and so, after reading stories, and seeing pieces of their lives last night i decided to take a few last minute pictures of christmas.

i'm terrible about taking pictures unless the mood strikes me. but i want to be better about it - better about remembering the camera when we go places, and insisting that we take pictures every once in a while.

and so, here are just a few snippets into our world. the house was and is still decorated for christmas simply because i haven't yet found the time and energy to un-decorate and put everything away.

quite possibly my favorite place in the whole house

shoe a day desk calendar from my in-laws

another corner of the office

last peek at the tree

a new shoe mat, with new [fabulous red] shoes

fabulous new end table

the stockings hung by the chimney with care

snowflakes, pine cones, and greens

peter's new lunchbox for work

my newest addiction

scrabble tile pillows! a fabulous addition to our bed
[and made by one talented sis-in-law]

we truly did have a good christmas. it's always nice to have a bit of a break, and despite many hours of driving we did get to relax a little bit. trips have always been a good time of reflection for me, and this trip was no exception. i just have more prayer and reflection to do before i arrive anywhere this time.

our visit home involved skiing, gifts, shared meals, sarris chocolate covered pretzels [yes, they're THAT good], family, friends, serious talks, celebrations, exercise, my favorite view of the city, games, a bit of shopping, and an all-around reminder that i want to move back someday. it's just not someday yet. not yet.

the next weeks and months hold many changes, and much responsibility. life changes, blog changes, small everyday changes, alter the course of your whole life changes.

here's hoping that
the best is yet to come.


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