bleeding black & gold: lessons from sunday school

i recognize that the title of this post could be a little misleading. no, we did not talk about the steelers in sunday school today. however, as i got home, and started thinking about both what we talked about in sunday school, and the steelers game this evening, something came to me.

i am a steelers fan through and through. i know the players' names and numbers. i watch them as much as is possible considering where i live -- ie: the networks don't always show the steeler games, ridiculous i know! -- i even have nicknames for a few of them. benjy, hinesy, t-roy, pounce, HAIR-RI-SON [yes i know he doesn't spell his name that way, i wrote it phonetically.], HEATH [not really a nickname so much as a deep voice yell], anyway, you get the picture....

the emotional roller coaster i'm on when watching them play is extreme to my husband, and probably would be to anyone else who watched me watch them. in fact, last week when they beat baltimore peter made this comment at the end of the game: i feel like if i had been filming you for the duration of the game that it would be like watching one of those sitcoms where every emotion is ridiculously over-exaggerated.

i have a huge emotional range, and its depth shows itself during steelers games.

all that to say that as i was thinking about the upcoming game this evening i realized that no matter what happens [while i think and hope that they will win, there are no guarantees] i will continue to be a steelers fan. no matter what.

pittsburgh doesn't raise fair-weather fans.



and then i began to wonder - am i a fair-weather fan of God?

in sunday school this morning we were talking about the beginning of james 4. verse 4 specifically talks about how friendship with the world makes you an enemy with God. you cannot serve two masters. so we talked about how we constantly cheat on God. we choose things of this world over him.

i don't "cheat" when it comes to cheering for the steelers. it's constant. if they're playing, i'm cheering for them. they're my team.

what would my life look like if i always chose God over the world? how would my life be different if i were as rabid about the things of God as i am about cheering on my team?

what would it look like?


  1. A fair-weather Steelers fan is unheard of! Even where I'm from - Dallas. (: I am so glad I ran across your blog! It makes my heart happy seeing someone blog about both God and the Steelers.
    I think the question, "am I a fair-weather fan of God?" will stick with me for the rest of my life! What an awesome way to get your priorities back in line. Absolutely love your blog.
    P.S. Let's go Steelers! Keeping my fingers crossed for a big win tomorrow!


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