"let's have a hibernation day..."

Q: what happens when it snows in the south? 
A: everything shuts down

this is what i woke up to this morning:

therefore, i decided to:
sleep in,
catch up on all my television watching
[while accompanied by my pjs and a large mug of coffee],
go for a run in the snow,
meet with my sis-in-law to discuss our upcoming soccer season,
[yes, (gasp!) i did drive in the snow]
almost complete the "un-decorating" process for all things Christmas,
and do a load of laundry.

the funniest part [to me] about all of this is that i received a text around 5 PM that the office is closed tomorrow so i get to have two days off due to "inclement weather," and said weather is nowhere close to a blizzard. in fact, i'm quite sure i read somewhere that when all is said and done, ie: when the snow has stopped falling overnight tonight, on TOP of what fell last night, we'll have a grand total of about 6 inches.

in other news i've felt a bit lost as of late. i don't know which direction my life is headed. i/we have a lot of big decisions to make heading forward, and i keep waffling back and forth. every time i think i've decided i think of something else that changes my mind.

it's a bit maddening.

i keep trying to set aside time to decide something, to do something, to accomplish any number of goals, and i keep failing to follow through.

apparently i'm not motivated enough. and apparently i need far more sleep than i generally like to admit. i hate being grumpy mostly because i don't like myself when i'm grumpy, but for some reason no matter how much, or how little i sleep i've gotten over the past few weeks i can't seem to catch up.

i digress.

in other news life after the holidays is slowly shifting back to normal.

this past weekend we took our middle school leadership team [made up of high schoolers] on a leadership retreat. it's always a good time, and always less of a retreat and more of an action-packed, sort of relaxing weekend for me.

i'd like to think it means that i don't have to work at all this week since i already put all of my hours in, but sadly, life just doesn't work that way.

when was the last time you had a snow day?

mine's tomorrow


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