don't blink

i've known for a long time that life moves pretty fast - don't we all? but recently it has just been hitting me. i mean, sure, there are days when i think october is a million years away, and i've been pregnant for such a long time. but most days my thoughts are more along the lines of: how am i already 24 weeks?? is it possible that peter and i are coming up on our 6th anniversary? and crazier still, is it possible that we're closing in on 10 years since we started dating?

all of these thoughts remind me of the kenny chesney song, "don't blink." if you like country music, have a listen...

this summer is flying by. we've had some visitors in the past couple of days - two of my cousins stopped through town with their families. they're headed down to the beach, but split up their trip with a stop to see us.

it's always great to catch up with family. and it was yet another reminder of how fast life goes. each family has two kids, and it's crazy to see how big they're getting.

and speaking of getting big... i've had a few questions about my baby bump, so here are a couple of pictures. [i kept forgetting to ask peter to take them, so i ended up taking them myself, assisted by my iphone. so, please forgive the less than stellar quality.]

24 weeks

24 weeks

we are accomplishing more and more projects to prep for this little one. in fact, we completed the makeover of the office just before nicole's family came to stay with us. i failed to take a before shot, but here's the new streamlined version of our workspace:

this space makes me so so thankful that i have a husband who is handy and can make my crazy ideas work. he built the shelves above the futon, and our trunk coffee table is actually a giant file box that he transformed for us.

both of these things were so simple for him to do. now we're brainstorming ideas to make-over the coffee table in the living/family room, and incorporate more storage without just purchasing a run-of-the-mill storage ottoman.

i'll let you know what we come up with once we actually start working on it!

these are just some of the little pieces of our life right now. and i'm doing my best to be thankful for the blessings we've been given, and not take them for granted.

here are a few more:

  • our freedom that we celebrated yesterday, and the soldiers whom ensure we remain that way [specifically mike and chris! we love you guys :o) ]
  • vegetables and herbs growing on our back porch
  • a giant tub of maternity clothes, courtesy of my cousin danielle
  • a husband who works really hard everyday
  • the pleasure i get out of making good food, and the means to find the recipes! tonight's dinner is monterey chicken with sweet potato fries, green beans, and corn on the cob.

what do you count
when you count your blessings?


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