projects, projects

has life been moving at hyper speed for you lately? or is it just me? i am beside myself that july is winding itself down faster than i can blink, and i keep getting chunkier and chunkier.

anytime i say anything about the chunkiness peter just reminds me that it's a good thing because "you're pregnant! that's what's supposed to happen!" of course he's right, but for someone who's been working on having a six-pack since middle school, it's a weird phenomenon.

and the weirdness is accentuated by the fact that this little being is moving around and kicking me. it's a great feeling [except when the kicks are directed into my ribs], but one of those that sometimes stops me in my tracks too.

anyway, despite the swiftness of july, i've been keeping myself decently busy with various little projects. a few were house related, and a bunch were new jewelry ideas that i've been trying out.

i've been trying to think outside the box with the changes we're making to the house, and how we can get things to work without going overboard, and it has spurred my creative juices in other areas as well.

here's a sneak peek into my life as of late...


this end table/dresser has been unfinished for quite a long time. it used to live in our office, but is now being converted into extra storage in the baby's room. the lighting wasn't all that great when i took these pictures, but it is now coneflower yellow, and once it gets its sealer coat it will be getting some brand-spankin-new knobs to go with its new color.

new signage
i've seen this type of sign all over the place for quite a few years now. and i kept wanting to order one, but then i saw an idea for another type of sign on pinterest, and edited it to make this sign instead of the type they suggested. it was a super simple project, and since we already had all of the materials needed for it, it didn't cost us a single cent! those are the types of projects we really like to do :o)

updated pictures
 earlier this week i decided that we needed to update some of the pictures in our hallway. i still need to update some of the others, but more will get changed out with the debut of the baby, so i decided to do one set at a time. i was really pleased with how this one turned out.

and here's all the jewelry... many of these ideas are not complete. these are mostly just prototypes that need some work, or need an update the next time around, so feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

chunky chain-link bracelet

chunky link bracelet

summery statement necklace

hexnut bracelet

hexnut earrings

hexnut chevron necklace

layered teardrop necklace

rhinestone bib necklace

chunky turquoise bracelet

chunky red stone necklace

blue chain wrap bracelet

outside of all of our projects i've been trying to squeeze in some exercise, and some reading to prep for the baby. i also had the pleasure of meeting with a friend in our church yesterday, who also happens to be a doctor, and got to ask her all kinds of questions about labor and delivery.

it reminded me that we are so very blessed by all of the people around us - both for the friendships, and their wisdom in different areas. it was a good reminder of the importance of seeking wise counsel from people who have done this before. i like to think i'm decently smart, but i'm seeing time and time again, that many times the smartest thing i can do is ask questions of someone who knows, and/or educate myself if there isn't an expert around in a particular area. [random sidenote complete...]

anyway, projects and visitors have been our life as of late, and with a few more big things to cross off our projects list, and baby showers coming up, it will likely be our life for a few more months.

how is july
treating you?


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