this friday morning: pieces of today

how are you today? thankful it's friday? 
here are some pieces of my day thus far:

i spent a good chunk of my morning this morning assisting peter with some stuff for work. it was good to help him out and feel like i was contributing something helpful to the company.

i also took a minute to look in on our growing tomatoes and cucumbers on the back porch. we're currently talking about a larger vegetable garden next year, so keeping this year's "crop" alive has become imperative! and it has been pretty exciting for a black thumb like me to actually watch something grow.

the herbs are also thriving despite the heat [with the exception of the cilantro which got some other kind of seed in it, and whatever that plant was kind of took over...] the fresh basil and parsley have come in handy a lot, and the chocolate mint smells and tastes divine.

i lit this lovely candle as i settled into my spreadsheets this morning. it's the only kind of sangria i'll be enjoying this summer, and has added a nice light scent to the background of life today.

and our lovely patriotic flowers brighten up the living room. nicole got these for us as a host/hostess gift when they stopped through town.

my afternoon will most likely be spent immersed in some yoga, and then some projects. i'll try to remember to share the projects with you soon. i've done some fun ones recently :o)

don't forget to check out the shop if you haven't done so yet. the sale is still going on!

happy weekend!


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