jumping in

i hope everyone had a fantastic christmas, and a fun new year celebration. the past few weeks have been very busy ones for us, and i've spent some time thinking not just about how i want to live life this year, but how i want to live life. period.

what actually started me thinking about this had less to do with the new year, and more to do with one of my christmas presents. [though the new year did play into it a little bit...]

one of the gifts peter got me is the second sartorialist book "closer". [sidenote: if you've never checked out the blog thesartorialist.com i highly recommend you do so.] as i had the chance to look through it i was struck by some of the photographs. there are certain pictures i just wanted to jump into - snippets of life of which i wanted to be a part.

Source: rstyle.me via Jennifer on Pinterest

and while i know that a picture captures a frame - a split-second of a moment - i still want to live a life that is worthy of jumping into.

i want to recognize how good i have it, and enjoy life so well that every morning i want to jump right back into it.

of course i have specific goals for this new year of 2013. some of them i know i can accomplish, and others scare me half to death because i'm just not sure they'll happen even if i put everything i have into them. but a few of them are things i feel compelled to do. and that is not something to be ignored.

peter and i were talking on our long drive back from the 'burgh this past weekend, and i realized more and more that i have dreams that scare me, but it's good that they scare me. if i'm compelled to do things that are too big for my own strength then God is the one who has to accomplish those things. and if God wants something done, he gets it done.

and that in and of itself is something to be thankful for. i am so very thankful that i cannot thwart his plans.

time to go jump in


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