crazy starts now.

the craziness is about to begin. i realized that i hadn't updated the blog in a while, and unfortunately it'll probably be a bit longer in between posts for the next few months. there is just so much going on!

this past week i had mastitis, which took me to the ER last monday and made peter and i both quite miserable. peter had to hold down the fort, work from home, and take care of keane for most of the day. thanks to that infection i wasn't feeling up to much of anything. i mostly fed keane, ate a little bit here and there, and slept a lot. thankfully peter was a [slightly sarcastic] saint through the whole thing, and antibiotics seem to have it under control now. we're just praying it doesn't come back!

soccer season starts this week, and thus my biggest juggling challenge since keane was born begins as well.

i'll be planning practices or planning for games pretty much everyday from now until the first week in may. the prospect of it is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. especially since we're trying to switch keane's schedule, and drop a feeding right now. ah, the joys :o)

little man is doing well though! he seems to be naturally fitting into a 3.5 hour feeding rotation - taking better naps, and waking up to eat. the only thing that's off is his going to bed at night. he's still waking up one last time to eat late at night, but it has only been a few days. we're hoping and praying it gets better soon.

he's still as cute as a button. he found his thumb this week, and now either sucks it, or chews on it quite regularly. it's awfully cute, but also results in a ton of drool. oh, well, he can get away with it. 

he has also started laughing more and more, and regularly has big smiles to give out. he's growing like crazy, and i can hardly believe that in a couple short weeks it'll be time to start him on solid-ish food - aka rice cereal. 

here's our little monkey after his bath earlier this week. hopefully he brightens your monday! 

hope you've had 
a good start
to your week!


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