valentine's day: one year later

i've always been rather indifferent when it comes to valentine's day. it was always fine - not a huge deal either way. peter and i always did something, but rarely anything big or over-the-top special.

last year all that changed, sort of...

last valentine's day i woke up and took a pregnancy test. and two minutes later, i was staring at this:

this valentine's day, by the grace of God, i'm staring at this:

and valentine's day will never be the same again. i'll always remember valentine's day 2012 as a day of fear, gratefulness, and redemption. fear crept in constantly at the thought of losing a second baby. i was so grateful for that little life, and paralyzed at the thought of losing it. losing him. losing KEANE.

but our little fighter hung on.

on valentine's day last year, we got one of the greatest possible gifts from our heavenly father when we thought it was impossible to receive such a gift. and i am grateful.

no matter where you are, or what you're going through this valentine's day, i hope you can rest in the unfailing love of the heavenly father.

much love


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