3 months

our little boy is 3 months old. he's getting more and more active - he's always moving or babbling or something! in fact, i walked in to get him out of his crib yesterday morning, and found that he had turned himself completely around. he may not be able to roll over yet, but he's as on the move as he can be at this stage in the game.

for the most part he's a smiley, happy little guy. he loves to look in the mirror. he'll smile at himself, and at whoever is holding him. he's been thoroughly enjoying his play-mat. he grabs at all the toys, and studies them, and talks to them. he usually kicks his feet about a mile a minute while he's lying there too.

he's been getting more and more used to tummy time. initially he hated it, but now he tolerates it a lot better. he still doesn't love it, but now he'll stay there for a lot longer before he starts screaming.

it's funny that as he gets older we hear from more and more people that he is such a mix of both of us. some people think he looks more like peter, and some people say he looks just like me, but more and more are saying that they can see us both.

right now i just think he's the cutest ever. outside of that i don't really have a strong opinion except that his expressions are definitely more like peter. and his hair.

his hair has started sticking straight up, which is just like his daddy's.

he has been sleeping through the night for a while now - normally he'll sleep for about 8 hours, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. i'm hoping to start extending that streak soon, but we'll see how it goes. he does tend to lose his pacifier in his sleep and complain a little bit once or twice in the early morning until he gets it back, but other than that he sleeps well.

he has also gotten grabbier. he grabs the pacifier out of his mouth sometimes, but he can't get it back in yet, so trying to get him to sleep when he doesn't want to go to sleep can be quite the process.

it's funny, as soon as i think we're getting used to something it seems to change, so i keep feeling very behind. from a few conversations though, i'm starting to realize that is pretty normal. i've also felt pretty blessed recently, not just because we have the best little boy, but also because we're surrounded by so many people who love us, and who love him.

i don't know how people do this whole parenting thing without help. it gives me even more respect than i already had for single parents, and it makes me realize how important it really is to hold each other up.

some days are crazy, and it's all i can do to tread water, let alone think about moving forward, but how often do i judge other people - consciously, or subconsciously? most of the time i have no idea what they're going through.

yes, it's easy to become cynical because there are people out there who aren't doing all they can to do what they can. there are people who take advantage of other people, who cheat the system, etc., etc. but on the surface it's not easy to know the difference between those who are trying to cheat the system, and those who are trying with all they have.

it's hard to have a cut and dry system that's meant to help everyone, when every person has his/her own story. but i'm called to love everyone. to love my neighbor as myself. to not just want what's best for me and my family - my husband, my son, my extended family, but to want what's best for everyone on an individual level.

i'm still trying to figure out what that looks like, and i'm sure i will be for quite a while...

i digress.

here are some photos of our big 3 month old!

months 1, 2, & 3 - quite the change!

refusing to go to sleep.

rubber band wrists :o)

chubby dimpled hands

my duke shirt fits now!

can you see my crazy hair??

as of today he's moving into his 3-6 month clothes! just about all the sleeves on the long-sleeved 0-3 month shirts are obviously too short now, and it's quite a stretch to get the majority of the onesies to button. he can still wear some of the pants - and some of the short sleeve onesies, but all the others are being retired for the next little boy - if we ever have another boy!

happy weekending to you and yours!!


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