so stinkin big

keane is almost 4 months old now. in fact, i'm not quite sure how to count his "4 month birthday" in february, but by march 1 i figure he's 4 months old. that means i'll be posting his 4 month pictures very soon...

given that he's basically 4 months we talked to our doctor at church, and went ahead and started him on rice cereal yesterday morning. he's eaten very little of it in the course of the past 2 days, but he's learning how to eat, and did much better with the whole "eating from a spoon" thing this morning.

we're also trying to teach him to not put his hands in his mouth while he's eating, which may be a bit harder than him learning how to eat in the first place...

it's so crazy how big he's getting. just as i've heard from every parent i've ever met - i can't believe how fast it has gone. i can't believe we're already at the point where he's eating "solid" food.

he's still not rolling over, but i swear he's getting ready to start crawling. every time he does tummy time he lifts his head way up, and has started getting his butt up in the air too.

he has also realized that bexley is someone he can actually interact with, and keane thinks bexley is pretty hilarious. every time he and bexley are face to face he starts laughing. we're also teaching him how to "pet" bexley, which right now leads to bexley turning around and licking keane's hand, and keane laughing.

it's pretty great to watch.

kids definitely change everything, and we may still be getting used to all of the changes he brings, but they're such great changes at the end of the day.

i'm so thankful for my amazing husband - who lets me go to sleep at night when keane is still up almost two hours after his last feeding even though he has to wake up earlier than i do, and work all day - and for our little man, and even for our crazy bexley-bear.

sometimes i feel like i'm going crazy because things aren't going how i'd like them to go, but other times i just have to stop because the gratitude is overwhelming.

we may only be four months into this parenting journey, but it just keeps getting better.

much love


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