easter weekend & 5 months

this past weekend we made our annual easter trek to pittsburgh. this time around we had much more than easter to celebrate. though easter is quite the celebration in and of itself!

we celebrated keane's five month birthday, peter's 30th birthday, and brady's 2nd birthday. and those were just the birthdays that happened over the actual weekend. we also celebrated ally's birthday, madi's birthday, and matt's birthday, which are all within a couple weeks of this past weekend.

so yes, we gorged ourselves on cake. funfetti cake, white cake, lemon cake, spice cake, red velvet cake, angel food cake, carrot cake. oh, and apple pie. and chocolate covered pretzels.

here are a few pictures from the weekend:

keane loves his daddy :o)

easter fam!

easter cousins!

and of course we cannot forget the 5 month pictures! normally i try to pick the best ones, and only upload those, but in this case i went a slightly different direction. you'll see what i mean [*wink*]

not so stable yet...

can you tell he was ready to be done?

months 1-5

every single day i'm thankful for my boys :o)

hope you had a fantastic easter!


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