preview: turquoise & plum goodness

my little shop hasn't been updated much recently - mostly thanks to the little monkey who occupies most of my time.

i have made a few pieces over the past months, and i've kind of been hoarding them - not wanting to give them up.

nonetheless, i've decided that i must list a few of them, and let them bring joy to someone else, which will also allow me to continue some of my creative efforts.

navy collar necklace

shades of green statement necklace

nautical knot necklace in white

black & white tribal necklace with green

i've also been debating about adding another facet of work to my shop --
clutches. specifically oversized clutches.

this one was my practice run:

{it measures 12x9.5 inches}

it has a few small hiccups, so i'm not planning on selling this specific one, but i'm thinking i may start adding them to the turquoise & plum stock.

what do you think?



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