seven on the 11(th).

we had a pretty low-key day today, but there were quite a few random things so i decided to corral them with a little list...

1. look who's getting closer and closer to crawling!

2. my tiny little ring i made myself today.[see ring finger] it's the perfect complement to my huge oversized ones. [see index finger]

3. i found out about this app yesterday. i haven't entered all of my cards into it yet, but i'm pretty excited to not have to have all of them with me all the time anymore. search keyring rewards - it's free :o)

4. jess sent me this link today - it's for a free ticket to the circus for keane! i have no idea when the circus is coming to town, but it never expires, so it doesn't matter. woot! woot!


5. i've been pining after this dress, and i'm so hoping to purchase it soon. decisions, decisions...


6. a couple new additions that will hopefully be added to the etsy shop later this week. [with much better photos...]

7. i've got an idea brewing for these. i hope to share it in the next week or two! and if it turns out, it'll knock all of our socks off. or mine, at least.

happy tuesday!


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