bye bye may!

may flew by. we had so much going on that it's no surprise, but even still, i hardly believe that summer is essentially here, and we're sitting at the beginning of june.

we did so much in may that we hardly had time to breathe, let alone realize how many milestones were passing us by, and how much our little boy grew.

i cheated and took keane's 7 month pictures today because last week was a whirlwind, and we weren't home for his actual 7 month "birthday".

though he morphed into a crab for most of today - i think mostly because traveling throws him off - his angelic side came out for the photo session, so we got some pretty cute ones this time around!

you know you want to see 'em {*wink*}

i know i'm completely biased, but i think he's the cutest little monkey ever. it's especially crazy to line up all the pictures and see how much he's grown.

it's also crazy how much life has changed over the course of the last year and a half or so. our life, our conversations, our free time, our travels, everything is different.

sometimes it drives me nuts. it drives me crazy that he wakes up prematurely even though he's still exhausted and cranky. i lose perspective when there is something i really want to do, but i can't do while he's awake because of the focus it requires, or when the house is just a mess because he's teething and every time i put him down he screams. 

but then i stop and look at him. really look at him. [sometimes later, rather than earlier, but still, it always happens eventually] and i give him kisses all over his sweet face, and i snuggle him close, and i thank God for our little boy. for this long-awaited child.

i have to remind myself that even when he's being a bit ridiculous it is not because he is malicious - it's because he's gassy, or tired, or uncomfortable, or hungry, or something. 

sometimes i catch myself thinking "i can't wait until he can walk" or "i can't wait until i'm done nursing" or some other such thing. but i can wait. in many ways i want to wait. i want to slow down time, and make sure i enjoy every part of him being a baby. of his precious little laugh, of his observance of something new. i'd memorize his face the first time he ever ate each and every food. 

i took him in the pool for the first time saturday morning. peter was already in the midst of wedding prep with nathan, but keane, nana, papa, and i took a brief dip in the indoor pool at the hotel. i'll have to get pictures from nana and papa to show you, but he LOVED it! he wasn't sure what it was at first, but once he figured out it was like a giant bathtub that he could splash in, he enjoyed every second. 

i wish i could remember each moment. babyhood is far too fleeting. 
life is far too fleeting to not savor the moments we're in right now.

and on that note -
welcome to june.


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