my current nemesis

right now keane is teething. again. yes, it was a pain in the arse the first time - and truly a pain in the mouth for him, but for some reason or other this time around has definitely been worse. the problem is, he is not content to think of his teeth as the problem.

instead, he has decided that naps are the problem, and for the most part he has given them up entirely.

i am inordinately grateful that thus far he has still slept well at night {*knock on wood*}, but he morphs from a sweet and angelic little boy asleep in his crib at night, to a cranky, cantankerous monster throughout the course of a sleepless day.

take today for instance. he slept late this morning. and i thought - no matter, he's just exhausted from having only one real nap yesterday, and only one quasi-nap on sunday, and it's all catching up with him.

and then he opted out of his morning nap entirely. i tried to put him down on three separate occasions, and he fought and fought and screamed and screamed. [this is a child whose fighting off sleep is usually whines and whimpers, and some rolling around in his crib. it does not consist of screaming.]

despite all of my efforts to encourage sleep, a morning nap was not to be had.

okay, fine. a longer afternoon nap it is.


currently he has been in his crib for about an hour. this is how he has spent his time:
minutes 0-10: crying, screaming, rolling around his crib, taking his pacifier in and out.
minutes 10-15: playing with the bumper on his crib
minutes 15-20: whimpering until he finally fell asleep
minutes 20-40: power-napping it up
minutes 40-current: whining, crying, rolling, staring down the camera part of our monitor, babbling in an increasingly loud voice, and generally fighting against falling back asleep

apparently he got his dad's power-napping skills, and i'm not exactly a fan.

it's a good thing he's so cute and lovable, even when he is teething and fighting sleep.

see what i mean?
cutie patootie.

happy tuesday

p.s. i realized i never posted his 8 month photos. whoops! i'll get on that soon :o)


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