quick update

well friends, thank you to those of you who have prayed for me, texted, messaged, emailed, called, or otherwise contacted me with your thoughts and well-wishes for my improved health.

at the prodding of a couple of my medically-inclined friends i ended up going to see my primary care physician yesterday to have her check me out, and get a possible referral to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doc).  it made sense, especially since it was going to take so long to get in to see the oral surgeon.

and it turns out i DO have an ear infection. whhaaaaat?!? yes.

not only that, but there was enough wax in my ear yesterday that i had to get it flushed so she could adequately see my eardrum. and that was yesterday. AFTER all of the wax that dripped out of my ear and onto my pillowcase last week thanks to the ear drops.

oh yes, you gotta love that. the urgent care lady tells me that my ear is not infected, and i have some wax in my ear, but not a lot.

so if suffered through an ear infection for TEN days before i got the proper treatment because i was told i did not have an ear infection.

currently i have taken 3 of the 14 antibiotic pills, and i didn't need to take any painkillers this morning because they are working that quickly. no, i cannot fully hear out of my left ear yet, but i'm definitely on the mend.

the urgent care place sent me a survey via email.
and i will most definitely be filling that baby out.

really, typing up this blog post was just a warm-up for that.

gotta love incompetent people.
[no, really, we are called to love incompetent people.
unless we can find a way to prove that they aren't actually people.
but i don't think that's going to happen...]

i'm off to share my honest opinion with a lovely little survey!

happy 4th of july!!


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