puffs and popsicles

that's my life right now. puffs and popsicles.

keane loves puffs. loves them. i started feeding them to him for the sole purpose of working on his dexterity. and now he devours them. we find them all over his legs and his high chair whenever he's finished eating, mostly because his [adorably] chubby little hands go so fast from grabbing them off of his tray to trying to get them into his mouth that a few inevitably get lost. to that end, bexley also loves puffs. thankfully he hasn't taken to trying to snatch them off of keane's highchair. at least not yet.

lately our life has also had a plethora of popsicles. when i say popsicles i'm not referring to the chock-full-of-sugar fruit-flavored ice pops. no. keane's only version of popsicle comes in the form of a frozen pacifier. he also loves these. especially since he's teething right now. and mama loves these because they inevitably end the whining of a little boy whose mouth hurts. in fact, as soon as you pull one out of the freezer, little man's mouth opens like a baby bird. i think at least one of his top two teeth is going to poke through in the next few days. we'll see. the drooling is getting out of control at times, so one can hope.

we've had a rather low-key, but somehow still exhausting week. we've stayed home much of the time mostly because if i go places i spend money because i find things i didn't know we needed, but obviously we do... obviously.

and because this is the first week it has been actually hot here. i had been loving this summer up until this point because of this fact. i didn't walk outside and immediately start sweating most days. it was lovely. but alas, i knew it wouldn't last forever. it looks like the pool may make it into our regular rotation after all.

anyway, peter has worked like a dog this week. his schedule was up in the air a little bit just about every day. one night we went to sleep not sure where he would end up the next day. i think that has added to the exhaustion. who will i make dinner for tonight? me? both of us? will peter be home to help watch keane in the evenings? i try to roll with the punches, but i like structure. i like knowing what to expect from day to day. i like knowing that when i make a to-do list, it is likely that i will actually be able to cross things off of it. *sidenote* i used to add things like "eat lunch" and "shower" to my to-do lists so i would feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

yes, i like structure when it comes to plans.

this time of year always tends toward me looking forward to fall. i don't know why exactly. i do enjoy summer. i do. i just love the fall so much that sometimes i fail to appreciate what i have when i have it. this fall holds special excitement though. keane's first birthday, and a trip out west, plus the goodness of thanksgiving, and football season, and the always amazing little additions of boots and jeans and sweaters back to my wardrobe.

but no.

i do look forward to those things, and i don't think that is problematic, but i don't want to zoom past this time right now. summer has its goodness too.
pool time. espadrilles. an abundance of light maxi dresses. rita's italian ice. green tea frappuccinos. iced coffee. going barefoot. berries. watermelon. frozen grapes. [if you've never had frozen grapes, you should. they're like candy!] tomatoes fresh from the garden. saturday mornings at the farmer's market.

summer also has a way of energizing me creatively. the sun stays out for so long that it seems like a cinch to fit more into the day. i don't always do so, but the long days tend to bolster both my spirit and my mind.

i hope wherever you are, the fullness of goodness in your life overflows and puts a smile on your face.

i plan to do just a bit of this over the weekend. i hope you do too!

happy weekending!


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