{via an early morning walk}

i love saturdays. at least when they're proper saturdays. saturdays that are the way saturdays should be. last saturday did not turn out so well in that arena as peter's company had to move their office all the live-long day, so this saturday turning out how it did was just short of heaven.

keane woke up late this morning, and fairly quietly, so i did not shoot straight up in bed to the sound on wails and whines, but actually awoke naturally with no alarm of any kind. it was quite nice.

and then, after breakfast i took a nice, long shower. this has happened rarely since the descent of motherhood, and seeing that it rained a steady, cold rain today that shower was exactly what i needed.

and despite his sleeping-in this morning keaner-beaner took a looooong nap which allowed me to relish my coffee, wrap some gifts, finish christmas shopping [thank the good Lord for amazon!], watch some soccer and discuss some financials with peter, and eat my lunch in peace.

this afternoon keane "helped" me bake some snickerdoodles after his lunch, and then we spent the rest of the evening cooking, eating, playing with keane's puzzles, folding laundry, and relaxing.

today had christmas music as the background to everything, various packages and christmas tidings arrived on our doorstep, and i got to stop and drink in the goodness of our little family.

one of my favorite moments was listening to the "conversation" [or more accurately the narration] of peter talking to keane whilst giving the little man a bath. pretty.stinkin.cute.

of course it was not a perfect day because that pretty much doesn't exist, but overall it was pretty great.

too often i get caught up in things that don't matter. today i concentrated on what does. or at least i tried to…

happy saturday


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