some days

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sometimes you have to leave the toys on the floor, leave the dishes in the sink, throw your clothes on a chair, and just go to sleep.

some days are meant for staying in your pajamas, forgoing makeup, forgoing the fixing of hair, and watching christmas movies all day.

because some days mama and baby boy both feel like cold-filled junk, and would much rather stay inside and cough all over each other than venture out into the rainy world.

sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, or a day a day, and let it be. be at peace with the lack of achievement, and just rest.

maybe read a few articles and blog posts while keane throws puzzle pieces around and subsequently gets upset because he has come to the realization that he's not being held.

insist he takes 3 naps today even though some days he now only takes one, and never more than two.

throw in some laundry so the little man has clean jammies for bedtime, pop in a cough drop, and serve soup and sandwiches for dinner.

some days i feel like a bad mom - when i get cranky or am just plain exhausted, and i get a little away from myself, and some days i'm certainly not the best mom on the face of the planet, or anywhere in the vicinity of her, whoever she is, but i'm determined to keep trying. to keep getting better even if it means taking a step backwards every now and again.

and frankly, i think these "some days" are necessary to that end. because for me, i tend to get caught up in the details, and i start to miss the point. and these days remind me that no, it's not about the house, or the meal, or your appearance, or any one specific thing. it's about doing what's best for your kid. and each day is different, but today my kiddo needed his jammies, and some snuggles, and some extra sleep [and a lot of snot removal…].

happy december to you!



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