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here is a quick update of what happened this week -- it was a bit of a doozy. it should have been full of big exciting things, but at the end of it the truth of the matter is this: it was an ugly, anti-climactic week.

we had things going on at the beginning of the week, but nothing overly crazy or exciting. then wednesday came. we were supposed to close on our new house yesterday, but on wednesday we got word that the people living there [who do not own the house, in case you were wondering] had not done their due diligence, and could not move into their new place until monday. and basically with real estate contracts in this state being what they are we had two options. close anyway, and have them pay rent until monday, or move the closing date.

after the whole dog poop thing, and all of the issues we had seeing the house for showings, and getting the house inspected we were not about to close with the people there still living in the house. so we had no choice but to wait until monday.

and i was royally pissed. in fact, here's a little excerpt from my thoughts on wednesday:

"today and i are not friends. not at all. today i'm having an ugly day. a day full of emotion and frustration and ugly crying. yes, really.

most notably the ugly crying comes from the stupidity, incompetence, and irresponsibility of other people forcing us to move the closing date on our new house from tomorrow - did you catch that? tomorrow - to monday. it doesn't matter to the squatters who are living there that those 4 days will cost us weeks when it comes to actually being able to move into the house. they don't care that we have a set number of days and weeks to accomplish everything that needs to be fixed in the house before our daughter is born. it doesn't matter to them that the original closing date was yesterday, or that they had ample time to ask for a longer extension. but did they? no. no they did not. they waited until the day before we are all set to close to say "i'm sorry, we're irresponsible and didn't find a place to live until the very last second, and we can't move in there until monday." who cares that your family was set to help you this weekend? who cares that the carpet guy was set to come give you an estimate on friday? who cares that you were waiting to list your house until you could stage it well, and now this pushes that back too? who gives a rat's patootie as long as we get what we want, even if you get screwed over in the process.

but the seller is grateful.

let me be completely honest. unless grateful comes to the tune of a handful of benjamin franklins, i don't care. your gratefulness just angers me. it does nothing to improve your cause."

so there you have that.

but then, to make matters worse, i've been sick for the past two days. yesterday was quite awful. today i'm officially on the mend, but nonetheless i feel even more behind the 8 ball than usual. i've worn nothing but pajamas the last two days and have accomplished little more than sleeping and practicing the bad mothering that comes from feeling so awful that all you want to do is lie on the couch, and so you leave the tv on constantly for your 19 month old, hoping that will keep him from destroying the house while his dad is at work.

thankfully peter was working from home yesterday when i suddenly found myself with my head in the toilet. keane did his part today by taking a longer than normal nap, which allowed me to get in some sleep this afternoon too. but this week has been rough.

truthfully, i'm thankful it's over. i'm more than a little disappointed that we won't be able to do any work on the new house this weekend, and that we're effectively at least a week behind where we wanted to be because we had help lined up for this weekend, but there's nothing i can do about it now.

so, we'll move on, and hope next week is better...

because sometimes that's all you can really do.



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