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hiking in swallow falls state park 
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lincoln memorial

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making our way home

ok, so we're back. we've been back for a few days now, but i'm just now getting around to an update... we took a two day detour getting home, but we made it back tuesday evening none the worse for wear. we had a fun, mostly relaxing weekend up in maryland with my family, and then went through d.c. on the way back because peter had a job to check on just outside of it. so, we got to squeeze in dinner with some friends from college one night, and an evening walking all over our nation's capital the next.

we listed our house the day after we left, and have had quite a few showings. we had a hint at a couple offers, but no official offer yet. we're praying it comes soon for many reasons - not the least of which is the difficulty of keeping things in order when you have a toddler around who thinks dirty clothes should go in a pile in the middle of the office instead of in the hamper.

keane is all kinds of off-schedule since our trip. he tends to not sleep as well for the first few nights that we travel - the whole getting used to a new place thing. so, of course that means that we tend to not sleep as well either. this time around it meant going to bed a little bit late, but waking up at least a little bit earlier than normal every day. so, peter and i are rather tired too. thankfully though, despite having a little less sleep than normal he does really well with traveling.

since we've been back we've bounced from one place to another with the dog in tow in order to accommodate showings of the house. we had the new carpet installed in the new house wednesday, and have one more small section to paint over the carpeted area before we move on to painting the bathrooms, and maybe even setting up some stuff inside the house. it's a slow process, but we try to just keep on moving forward. or at least that's what i tell myself so i don't get too discouraged.

i keep reminding myself that this too shall pass, and while it feels all-encompassing now, it will soon be nothing but a blip on the radar when i look back.

this. too. shall. pass.

it is true in every sense - not just the moving part, or the craziness part, or the pregnancy part. it includes the part where we're a family of three. the part where we live in the house where keane came home from the hospital. the part where we placed five years of memories, and now we're starting over in a new space.

it will all change. time passes. and this too shall pass.

it's both comforting and jarring. but true nonetheless. we may get second chances in life, but we don't get second chances at this very moment. time is fleeting. once it passes you cannot go pick up any one specific moment and have a do-over.

don't get me wrong - there is redemption. there are second chances. but we are also constantly changing from minute to minute. constantly either moving forward, or letting the current take us along.

there are reasons for both. sometimes we need the space to think, and live, and be without a set agenda. but i also don't want to simply let life happen to me.

knowing that everything passes is a bit of a double-edged sword. it is unbiased. it cuts both ways. and as i sit wanting time to pass quickly in terms of no longer being in house limbo, and wanting to be able to move and relax a bit without all of it hanging over my head, i feel the double-edged sword. because we're also 8 ½ weeks from welcoming our little girl, and i don't want to give up that time with keane. i don't want to wish away the last two months of our family of three.

i want it to go quickly and slow down all at once. no matter what though, it will all go at the same pace. sixty seconds. sixty minutes. twenty-four hours.
soberingly unbiased.



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