what's in a name?

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you guys. i know some of you are just on the edge of your very seat waiting and waiting and waiting for this post [ok, so like 2 of you, but still...].

anyway, the day has finally come where we have decided the name of our daughter, and are sure enough that we're ready to share it with all [2] of you.

her name is:

adelle jane

her name has great significance, just like keane's does, but the significance of her name is in a different way than his. the meaning of adelle is: noble, kind; and the meaning of jane is: God is gracious. those are the meanings of the names themselves, but the real meaning of her name goes much, much deeper than that.

you see, adelle is peter's gran's middle name. jane was my grammy's middle name. this little girl is named after two of her great-grandmas. basically as we talked about names, it came down to this -- if our daughter is anything like a combination of those two great family matriarchs, she's going to be pretty stinkin' awesome.

our daughter may not keep her "family" name for her whole life, but she will have her family, and her heritage, and her history built into her by virtue of her name. 

i can hardly believe we're so close to meeting her!

as i've shared recently, life is pretty crazy right now. i know it'll be even crazier for a while once she gets here, so i had to laugh when i ran across this gem again today: 

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all you parents know it's true!

happy monday!


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