up in the air

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life feels very up in the air as of late. we closed on our new house a week ago, and have furiously gone back and forth between working there, and cleaning our current house in order to list it. we are also leaving for a long weekend vacation on wednesday which means that everything for listing our house, and everything "before carpet" in the new house needs to happen before we leave. of course we also have to do the normal things before the trip like: grocery shopping for the food to take, prepping bexley for the kennel [which meant taking him to the vet, booking the kennel, and includes fitting in the actual drop-off at the kennel], and right now i'm at the toyota dealership getting an oil-change, brake check, and tire rotation on the car.

my dad came down last week to help us with anything and everything, and peter's parents helped out in some way or another pretty much every day as well. not to mention his sister and her boyfriend [on his birthday, no less].

we've definitely made a lot of progress. of course peter has to keep reminding me that this whole house thing is a big project that includes lots and lots of little projects. in short, as long as we're moving forward, it's a good thing.

generally speaking i don't always do well with slow progress. it's not that we've made slow progress this time around - thus far things have gone remarkably quickly - we just have a lot to do. my anxious anticipation also has something to do with the whole having a baby in 10 weeks thing. and, you know, wanting to spend at least one week lounging next to the pool in my whale suit before everything hits the fan in the newborn stage of life.

a few people have told us that going from 1 child to 2 was harder for them than going from none to one. you know what i think about that? i think - thanks for the reassurance. i was worried it might be easier this time around, and all i want in life is for things to get harder all the time... [ahem, sense the tone...].

no, in some senses it is nice to have the warning so it doesn't come as a surprise if things work that way for us, but at the same time, that's not really what i want to hear right now!

anyway, i don't mean to complain; i am incredibly grateful to be in the position we're in, even if that position brings a lot of chaos with it right now. there are a lot of changes happening, but they are good changes.

even sitting here writing this feels like breath to my lungs because i haven't had much of a chance to write over the course of the past week or so. often writing is how i really process things and think through them, so up until this point i've felt a bit jumbled and pent up.

in some senses this vacation ended up being ill-timed since we planned it before we knew about all of the house stuff, but in other ways it'll be a nice, forced break. we won't be able to do much on the house while we're away, so it will be kind of like passing through the eye of the storm. plus, once we get our house listed and sold we can fully focus on the new house and won't have to worry about the projects and upkeep of the current one. so if you know anyone looking to buy a house in charlotte, let me know. [*wink*]

in other news -- the u.s. plays ghana tonight! keane is wearing his jersey today to show his allegiance, and i'm wearing my american flag scarf since it's the only paraphernalia i have that still fits with my 29 week belly.

and speaking of my growing belly - this little girl has been doing some kind of tumbling routine in there for the past couple days. she definitely makes herself known.

in prego news, we have pretty much decided on a name, and will share it soon! i've started calling her by her name to get used to it, and to make sure we don't want to change our minds. of course the number of girl names we both liked rounded out at a grand total of about two, so this decision worked a little differently than it did with naming keane.

anyway, we'll have a lot to share soon! baby girl's name, before & after photos of the house, and hopefully [fingers crossed] news that we've sold the current house.

i hope summer has had a splendid kickoff in your corner of the world.



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