today is a new day. it's bursting with new-ness. with soon-to-be-interrupted quiet and solitude. it unfurls hope with the quiet rays of the sun. i don't know what today holds exactly. i know that things haven't gone exactly how i've wanted them to go lately.

i know i've had moments full of grace and laughter, but also those of shame and loneliness and tears. i know that sometimes life climbs, and sometimes it dips and dives. and lately i'm trying to keep some pieces going, while i attempt to make other things right.

life isn't a photograph. we flip through a thousand moments before we get to one we want to share with the world. a photograph is a story unto itself, but it is not the whole story. it is just a piece. a slice.

my favorite time of year is just around the corner; lurking so close i can almost taste it in the early mornings, and the evenings that find their way to bearable even before the sun goes down.

on that note i've been looking at beautiful moments this morning, and appreciating all of the wonderful things this world has to offer. it's not always beautiful and wonderful, but that doesn't mean that it's not beautiful and wonderful.

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happy thursday, friends!



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