one year

i thought adele's birthday pictures were a good way to wrap up the summer. and since today is labor day it seems fitting to wrap it up and leave it here. 

as you know {if you've been reading for any length of time}, i adore fall. but i thought you'd appreciate this a little bit more than listening to my autumnal ramblings again. i mean, it is only labor day. you know you'll get more of those over the coming months!

anyway, for adele's birthday i decided to not only take our normal monthly photos, and cake photos, but to also borrow my mother-in-law's camera for a quick little post-soccer-game photo shoot. {yes, in our family it is highly likely you'll attend a soccer game on your birthday regardless of when said birthday falls during the course of the year.}

i have about a million and a half pictures of keane from when he was between 7 and 8 months old because i borrowed her camera for a week or two in that time, and took a ton of pictures. hence, i thought it less than fair, {but closer to fair} that i do a 1 year photo shoot with our little nugget.

without any further ado:

enjoy your labor day!



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