a light at the end of the kitchen

there's a light at the end of our kitchen project. i can see the little pin-prick of it now. for a while i swear it just shut itself off, that light. but now it has realized that we're actually moving toward it once again and it has decided to revive itself.

our countertops actually have stain on them now. yes, they still need to be sealed. yes, it will still be at least a few weeks before the ugly yellow countertops currently in our kitchen actually go away.


but i have far more confidence now that the kitchen project may actually be finished within a year of starting it.

one thing that has helped us really move forward is that we've started talking about the next two or three things that we need to do to move house projects forward, and we've only put those couple of things up on our board to track. that whole system seems to work much better since it's very focused and streamlined.

right now the only thing left on the board is to "sand, stain, & seal the counters." so really just "seal the counters" since the rest of it is done. there are plenty of things that will come next. there are plenty of small little things that will be added soon, but in my head i can actually see the kitchen coming together now.

and i have to remember to be thankful.

i have to remember to be thankful for it even when it has been finished for months and years. it's hard to do that.

things become normal and we start taking them for granted. we start to forget what it was like before them. we start to forget what it was like to live in the same space without those things, and those people we now know.

i know i'll be super excited when our kitchen is finished. i've been pretty excited every step of the way, but the excitement fades. we adapt. we get used to things.

this adaptation protects us and ruins us all at once.

many changes happen gradually over time. many changes work their way into us without us realizing the full extent of them.

a new normal slowly emerges. sometimes we end up living somewhere we never would have been okay with a year ago.

sometimes you have to adapt. sometimes circumstances are outside of your control, and you truly can't do anything about it, but sometimes you adapt without fully knowing it. either way it happens. and that is the reason we need to be intentional about how we live.

this is why you ask for feedback when you're trying to sell a house. {i have house things on my mind right now in case you couldn't tell.} when you live in a space you get used to things being how they are. it can seem clean and fine to you, and yet completely cluttered and overwhelming to someone else.

we all have our blind spots.
we all fail to take in others' perspectives.
we all do it. even when we try really hard not to do it.

i digress.

i'm quite excited that our kitchen is coming together. slowly, but surely. it seems silly in a way, but we've been in our house for a little over a year and a half, and i'm ready to have a little break from the inside projects.

we still have more, of course. and there are always things to work on. there are always projects. but this is the last one of this magnitude for a while. when this one is finished it will feel a lot more like this is actually our house. the major projects we set out to do will be checked off. everything else can be accomplished in a week instead of months and months.

and that means we'll finally finally finally have a belated house-warming party. the one i've been planning in the back of my mind since june of 2014.
that one.

because we want to open our house up to people regularly. we want people to feel comfortable coming over and hanging out here.

right now we have more space than we need, and we want to use it to connect with others.

we won't be here for the entirety of our lives. we know that. but we want to use the space while we have it. we want to intentionally open up what we have to do life with other people.

i know "to whom much has been given much is required" is not really a reference to your house, but i feel like that is part of it. we all have our gifts. we all have our strengths, and we all have assets of different kinds. in the areas where much has been given to me, much is required of me. because none of those things are just for me.

in what area(s) of your life is much required of you?

happy friday, friends.



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