the last few weeks or so i've realized just how much i compartmentalize everything in my life. it seems like it's part of our culture to pretend that every piece of our lives can be separated out from the rest. but that's not how we're made.

how i sleep and how i eat and how much i exercise affect how i feel and how i behave. we attribute a lot of our tiredness just to sleep - we don't pay attention to how different food affects our body. i say this because i'm still trying to remember to interpret how my body reacts to different food. but by and large, unless there's a major problem, i don't attribute my sluggishness or discomfort to food. for a long time i also gave no credence to how hangry i could get.

for me exercise also plays a huge role in my overall contentment. if i don't exercise for more than a couple of days i get really grouchy and unpleasant.

but i've also been convicted lately about how much i compartmentalize the other pieces of my life.

i sort of pay attention to where my food comes from, but it has been a while since i really delved into research. and even though i know i should pay attention to where my clothes come from - how they're made, what the company practices are, where materials are sourced from, etc. - by and large i don't. and it's not because i don't care, it's because it's really difficult to find out for sure, and i don't want to take the time to filter through all of it.

but lately i've been feeling more and more like i should. because everything is connected.
there are repercussions for the everyday choices that we make.

here are a couple videos that have really reminded me of this lately:

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[this one is long, and has some language,
but worth the time!]

so much of my life is about convenience. so much of my life is just about what's right in front of my face at any given moment. but my life reverberates. just like the amount of sleep i get, the food i put in my body, and how much i've exercised affect my emotional and physical well-being; the choices i make do not just simply and only affect me.

but honestly, the one thing that really sucks about it is how hard it is to change my habits in these areas. it's so much easier not to care.

if i care that means i need to do some research, and look into things before i buy more crap that i don't really need. i need to make purposeful decisions, and take the time to really pay attention. sometimes that may mean putting off purchases, or not purchasing something at all, even if i want it.

i know i've barely scratched the surface of this subject, and there's a lot to think about and a lot to unpack, but what do you think? where are our blind spots when it comes to our consumerism?

do we really pay attention to whether our lives are doing more harm than good?
i'd love to hear your thoughts.



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