gratitude. take #3

i know i've had at least two other gratitude posts lately. so this is at least take #3. 

i've talked and thought about noticing, paying attention. being grateful.

right now i'm grateful for my sleeping daughter. for my son who will play by himself, but also wants me to play with him. i'm thankful that they're starting to actually play together - not just fight together.

i'm thankful that daddy was still willing to take his boy for a late evening walk even after a crazy day at the office, and a bit of a headache to boot.

i'm thankful for the glass of wine i'm enjoying. 
thankful for two healthy kids who love life.
thankful for time spent adventuring with them today.
thankful for my husband who's a great husband and father, but isn't satisfied with just being great because we never need to stop growing.
thankful for time and space to grow. 
thankful because i have life, and i have breath. 

thankful for the delicious recipe i found for tonight's dinner.
thankful for the books that challenge me to shift my perspective. 

i am grateful. 

what about you?



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