kitchen reveal...

...sort of. mostly because i just can't wait any longer!

peter worked his tail off yesterday building my shelves and putting them up, and stayed up until all hours of the night working on them because he loves me and he's good to me {even when it's father's day weekend, and i really don't deserve it}.

and while we still have a few small things to do to officially check all things "kitchen" off of our to-do list, it's fully functional, and basically completed.

this post is going to be short and sweet because i'm about to go add as much sleep as possible to the barely five hours i got last night.

anyway, here she is 11 months later!

from this:

and this:


goodness knows i'm in love with this space!
i'm so thankful for my husband anyway, and when he works for practically a year to give me the kitchen i really really want?

mind-blown gratefulness right now.

i hope you and yours have had a fantastic weekend!



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