big news.

today i am sending in our application and information to an adoption consultant. the adoption consultant who will be our adoption consultant. our adoption story already spans a number of years, but today it will take a big step forward. today it will take a big step toward actually happening.

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peter and i had a big "come-to-Jesus" talk last weekend. because we have talked about adoption for so long. we had "wanted to adopt" and "planned to adopt" for so long. but i was {and am} still scared. 

parenting is a scary thing. and adoption is not easy. but i know that God is in control. i realized that in a different way last weekend. i was so scared to adopt, and then realize all over again that i feel like i'm screwing up this parenting thing. because that is not just true of adoption. it's just being a parent. 

and then i thought back - once again - to the wise words i heard from tammy glover as i was about to graduate from college: "God wants you at the center of his will more than you want to be there."

i work myself up and stress myself out worrying about whether or not i'm in God's will. but he wants me in his will more than i want to be there. if i'm seeking him, i will find him. i will be inside of his will. i know that we are called to adopt. i'm sure there will be times when i doubt this throughout this process, but i know we are called to this. 

and God is in control. he guides our steps. 

he knits us together in the womb. and he knows the child he has for us. we've been praying for months that God would prepare us for our child, and prepare our child for our family. we've been praying for the birth parents. and God has been bringing us to today. and today will eventually bring us to the day we will bring home the completion of our family.

{not to mention our little man has been asking us for another baby ever since his cousin was born in april.}

i know this is a short post for some big news, but really, more than anything it is a plea to pray for us as we officially embark on this process. please pray for us. please pray for our biological children. please pray for the child we will bring home. and please please pray for the birth parents.

we will share updates as they come, and as we can.

thank you, dear friends!



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