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lately i've been largely absent from this space because i've started working on another. the goal is to keep up with both, but as with all goals, that is subject to change.

after my sequin pants post i had quite a bit of feedback from people who seemed interested in the subject of ethical/slow fashion, and the more i've thought about it the more confident i am that the world of fast fashion is not good for people or the planet. so i decided to do something about it.

it may not turn out to be much, but i decided to start a blog dedicated to conversation about slow fashion. i haven't nailed down exactly what it will be outside of that. and i'm learning that i don't have to have it all nailed down on day 1. it'll change even if i think i have it figured out.

i decided to just jump into it, so this week has been a lot of work, and kind of a whirlwind. this morning i let myself sleep in a little bit since i've gotten far less of it in the last week or two.

despite the lack of sleep though, it has been good thus far. sure i have a voice {or maybe two or five} inside my head that tells me it's silly to try something like this because in all likelihood it won't be much. it won't make that much of a difference. and it probably won't. but there's another voice in my head that's telling me this is exactly where i should be right now. so i've decided to be here.

i've decided to be here despite the fear of failure, despite the fact that i haven't thought it through. and that's a tough thing for me to sit with.

i remember talking with a friend about 5 or 6 years ago, and talking about what it means to live in the tension. we all do it in one way or another, but we don't always realize that's what we're doing.

but we all live in uncomfortable spaces. not always physically, but one way or another. and we have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

that's what this whole experience is reminding me.

i have to "embrace the suck" as i told my soccer team this year. there are parts of everything that are going to suck, but it's the only way to move forward. it's the only way to really grow. growth hurts. it's uncomfortable and awkward. and in order to grow i have to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

how's that for some meta-analysis early in the morning?

anyway, if you haven't yet, and you want to check it out: rainy days & runways
i'd love to hear your thoughts!



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