listening to the dishwasher

It's late, but I'm up agitated and annoyed because my day was much less than I hoped for it. I got much less done than I wanted to, and the chores left looming ahead of me for tomorrow evening are hard to swallow especially considering I have a meeting tomorrow evening.

My world feels like it is slowly crumbling. There have been no huge crashes - no tornadoes or hurricanes, just a lot of rain which is subtly eroding me.

There were good things today, and yes I am blessed, but right now I'm also a bit panicky. My day was packed like sardines in a can, but there is so much left that I actually felt guilty for relaxing when I got home. 

I have cried a few tears today, and have taken some VERY deep breaths. 

One of the few happenings which cheered me up today (laugh if you must) was the arrival of a new pair of shoes. They are fabulous, and not to mention, quite inexpensive. Sometimes it's the simple things that can ruin or rescue a day. 

simple things that bring a smile to my face:

the inspiration wall in my office

hot cider, coffee or tea

Bexley bear

hoping for a better tomorrow


  1. Thanks for changing your settings! Still snowy and gray here but hoping for a sunny day, at least in your eyes, for you!

  2. still trying to figure out how I can comment and just submit my name...guess I'll try Xanga url

  3. all these comments were mine!!! :)


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