sometimes foolish, sometimes courageous

I'm reading through culture making right now. It's been an eye opening book because it discusses our creative calling. I just read through a part that is talking about Revelation, and the new Jerusalem, and it mentioned the "twelve Hebrew brothers and twelve Galileans" who are remembered as the "sometimes quarreling, sometimes courageous people they were."

I love that. I (obviously) think foolish is also fitting, especially when referring to myself, but we are all simply that - sometimes foolish, sometimes courageous. Period.

I like it because it's so true. In fact, it might be a bit kind. If I were to be completely honest I would probably have to say "mostly foolish, every once in a while courageous" but that doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Today is a grey day outside with just a few sunbeams periodically peeking through the clouds. So, I'm actually quite okay with being inside watching Stacey & Clinton make over a few fashion impaired people. And I'm looking forward to snuggling up on the couch with a book in a little bit. 

My one year old charge is currently napping, and I think he may be out for a while considering that he kept laying down on the floor amidst a heap of blankets this morning. Thus far he has been out for a good hour and a half. I'm hoping for at least two hours. 

Currently I'm enjoying some Annie's mac & cheese and thinking about what kinds of dinners we should have for the next two weeks. I'm planning to thumb through my newest cookbook, and pick out some fabulous recipes. While I always like cooking there are certain weeks when I'm more in the mood than others, and this is one of those "domestic" weeks when I'm really looking forward to cooking some truly amazing meals.

Hope you are having a fabulous start to your week. I'm off to check on the little man.



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