writers write

writers write, painters paint, sculptors sculpt, creators create.

i finished donald miller's newest book yesterday, and it was a wonderful kick in the behind for me. i needed a kick-start. i needed to be reminded of what life is really about, and this book gave that to me.

i've seen God work in some crazy and undeniable ways this week, and this book was one of them. one thing it reminded me of is that even though writers don't always like writing, don't always feel like writing, they do it anyway. God created each one of us with a purpose, and he's called each one of us to a certain place right now. of course that doesn't mean that we want to be where we are all the time. it doesn't mean that we necessarily want to be where God wants us to be, but he knows better than we do. sometimes (like this week for me) he slaps you in the face with that reminder. although slap may be an overstatement - sometimes it's more of a love tap that succeeds in getting the point across.

here's the big question i've asked myself since yesterday morning: am i living a story, or am i wallowing in my sad excuse for a life?

one of my favorite verses is the reminder that his mercies are new every morning. every morning.

too often i try to make my own way in life and get upset when it doesn't work out. i freak out about the little things that go wrong and fail to see how those little things - like my internet not working for a little bit yesterday - could really be blessings in disguise, designed to point me back to God.

too often the perfectionist part of me gets scared of failing, and i miss opportunities for fear that i won't do them perfectly.

however, Jesus came that we may have life, and have it to the full.

i bought a mug on etsy a while ago, and i remember reading the description of it, and the potter said in that description that there may be fingerprints or little imperfections left on the finished product because everything she makes is handmade, by her own hands.

i hope that's true of me. i hope that the fingerprints of God are left on me - since he formed me and made me by his hand. i hope that the fingerprints of God come through despite my imperfections and weaknesses.

am i willing to put my neck out there, and take part in the bigger story. am i willing to be where God wants me and be an ambassador for him...

...instead of an ambassador for me?


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