halloween eve jaunt

on friday i decided to go for a walk around our neighborhood and take some pictures of the leaves before they all fall off and fade into a mucky brown.

i couldn't help but be thankful as i walked that we moved into an "established" neighborhood and that most, if not all of the trees are larger than the little seedlings that builders tend to add as an afterthought when they're done with a new neighborhood.

anyway, here are a few of my favorites...
view from our front porch

next door neighbor's trees

our backyard - it's mostly yellow

across the street

heading up the hill

this shock of red is the reason i decided to take this walk...

crunchy sidewalk

gorgeous tree

close-up of the same

this one looks like it's in the country

even the shrubs are dressing up

an array of leaves

hope your november
is warm and cozy!


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