blocked up

i haven't felt much like writing recently. writing is normally my way of thinking out loud. it's organic and free-flowing, but lately the therapeutic aspect simply disappeared.

i feel

and more than a little

life seems to be getting away from me, and frankly, i'm desperate to grab the reins back right now.

the weather has been grey, and has solidly pelted us with rain for the past two days. it's really not so bad though. it makes it chillier down here, and therefore feels more like fall, and more like home.

our healthy eating experiment is only going but so well. it's fine for the most part, and honestly i don't eat a whole lot of overly processed food. however, it seems i miss the little bit i eat more now because i know i can't have it. and there have honestly been a few mornings when i don't have time to sit and eat so i skip breakfast because i just don't feel like eating another banana. that part of the "healthy" eating is admittedly not so healthy...

i have discovered a few interesting tidbits reading more food labels and the rest of this project though:

  1. a lot of granola is really not all that good for you. in many cases sugar or corn syrup is ingredient number 2.
  2. trader joe's version of triscuit crackers have surprisingly few ingredients as does haagen dazs ice cream.
  3. there is literally one ingredient in trader joe's shredded wheat.
  4. my new favorite sandwich is roast beef and cheddar with red pepper hummus and roasted red peppers, after it has been under the broiler for about 3 minutes.
  5. (i already kind of knew this one before) processed food is much cheaper than the good stuff. why do we think our country as a whole struggles with obesity?
  6. in my world coffee creamer doesn't count for this experiment.
  7. it only makes sense to be a food snob for certain things. but the things that matter, matter.
i got my first real run in since my half-marathon today. it felt pretty good, but it's always kind of tough for me to tell when i run on a treadmill. we have had a couple soccer games since my race, but this is my first week "back", and i'm still getting myself into a new routine and schedule.

i'm slowly getting there, and i'm also realizing that with certain things i just need to bite the bullet and make myself do them. i need to put parameters in place to help me succeed and i need to step up. getting up early and working out is one of those things.

here's the plan: monday, wednesday and friday mornings - wake up early (early for me) around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. and go to the gym to work out. monday nights - soccer game. tuesday and thursday - yoga or pilates.

this way if something comes up over the weekend, great. if not, i don't have anything to worry about.

i've completed a couple of my gift projects, but only a couple. some of them are coming together nicely, and others i'm still speculating over. i wish i could show you pictures, but i don't want to ruin anyone's christmas surprise!

there's much going on in our world, but not much excitement. a million little things have me teetering on the cusp of insanity.

oh well.
life goes on.

the rain is currently drumming away on my roof, but wherever you are i hope you're

warm and dry!


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