lazy morning

this is the first relaxing saturday morning i've had at home since july, maybe even earlier than that...

this weekend we are at home - well, i am, and i'm not running for at least an hour or so. it's kind of funny really. i feel like i should be doing something more than what i've done. (peter is more or less gone for the entire day. he is at the men's "retreat" at church. they didn't actually go away to a retreat somewhere, but he left about 7:30 this morning, and won't be back until after 10:00 tonight.)

i do have to plan for sunday school tomorrow, and i'm guessing it will take a good part of the afternoon, but it felt really good this morning to just relax, make an omelette and not worry about packing a million things into my day.

the one not so relaxing part of the morning was due entirely to bexley, and his ability to move the wood and stone which were blocking a hole in the fence in our backyard. he decided to go a few houses down and terrorize the neighbors by running circles around them. i had to chase him down, and he is subsequently banned from the backyard for the rest of the day - or until i go out there and build a better barrier for the hole...

i've also been trying to find suitable christmas gifts for a while now. honestly, i've only been but so successful. this is partially because i want to make many of the gifts we give this year, and partially because the people i/we aren't making gifts for are the notoriously difficult people to buy gifts for.

if only i was ridiculously talented and had lots of time to devote to my craft.

^-^ wishful thinking if i've ever heard it.

wishing you a splendid weekend!


  1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean. That's why Matt has 2 people he's responsible for, in addition to me of course! I'll take care of everyone else, but those 2 tough people are his job!! Speakign of which, send your wish list my way soon!!


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