writing rut

it just so happens that once i feel like i've finally gotten going, and i'm at least sort of in a routine of regularly writing, that's when it all falls apart.

not that everything has actually fallen apart, but work has gotten busy, and i'm treading water just to keep my head above it.

i missed out on my workout today, i haven't blogged since sunday, and i was at the office until 9:30 tonight - a full hour after i would normally get to leave on a wednesday, and a lovely total of 10 hours put in today.

yes, i'm stuck at the bottom of a muddy rut the past couple of days. monday was stupendously wonderful, but ever since i've slowly slid to the bottom of a work-induced coma.

i'm hoping to break out of it soon, but for now i'm off to bed...

may your restless legs let you sleep,
and mine, me.


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