fah who for-aze dah who dor-aze

i need a little Christmas cheer right now, i'm not gonna lie. actually i re-watched glee's Christmas episode this morning over breakfast to bring a little Christmas magic into my day.

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everything just feels a little crazy this month, and it's frustrating because i so want to be able to just enjoy this time of year. everything feels a bit too much like an obligation and a chore.

we decorated our tree on sunday night while watching sunday night football because there was no other time to do it. tuesday night sometime it proceeded to fall over and spill water, needles, and a bunch of ornaments all over our hardwood floor.

the ornaments have yet to make it back onto the tree.

we're planning on putting our outside lights up today because we haven't had time to do it before now and if we wait too much longer it won't make much sense to put them up at all.

on the plus side though my christmas shopping is complete. even those frustrating toughies. now it's time for wrapping goodness!

yes, i do enjoy wrapping presents. i have a whole system with plenty of do-dads to make the presents look especially fabulous. [i guess i just like decorating everything...] they get ribbons and berries and [fake] poinsettia flowers to make them as festive as can be. each family we give gifts to has a different kind of wrapping paper so we make sure all of the gifts get where they need to go.

additionally, when wrapping gifts i tend to watch all the holiday movies we own over and over again. admittedly it sometimes feels like i waste a whole day, but the wrapping has to get done sometime!

besides wrapping [and re-decorating the tree...] the next order of business is to write a christmas letter and print out the pictures for our cards. i'm still trying to decide between two. the frustrating thing is that the one i like a little better is vertical instead of horizontal, and the cards would look better with a horizontal picture... oh well, if that's the biggest of my worries i think life is treating me pretty well.

one thing at a time i suppose. one thing at a time.

saturday should help to up my christmas cheer. we're planning on going ice skating in downtown charlotte. they set up an outdoor ice rink for a couple months in the winter right in the middle of the city. granted, it's mostly slush skating, and it doesn't hold a candle to ppg place in pittsburgh, but i'll take what i can get!

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hope this month brings you the magic of christmas instead of the crazy. may you remember the greatest gift ever given to mankind, and in the midst of it all focus on HIM.

welcome Christmas 
bring your cheer!


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