christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!

well, we're moving right along. i can't believe Christmas is so close despite my many many preparations for it. it has all flown right by.

thankfully i've gotten better at multi-tasking. thus, while flying i've also managed to not only complete our christmas shopping [with peter's help], but also wrap all of the presents in the house [with the exception of peter's presents to me, of course].

now i just need to concentrate on addressing christmas cards and writing a christmas letter. although i'm kind of debating about the letter. i'd like to write one it just seems like our lives aren't that interesting. for as much as has happened this year, and as busy as we've been i'm just not sure it's worth it.

i guess we'll see what happens when i try to write it...

anyway, in lieu of my ramblings i've snapped a few pictures from around our house this christmas season. there are many of the tree and zero of the outside lights. i simply didn't feel like going outside with my computer last night [my camera was dead...].

i'll try to remember to get a few shots soon.

my favorite christmas coffee mug

christmas cards waiting to be addressed

the lighted wreath in our office window

tree with all the presents!

nighttime tree


front view


hope the cookie-baking
and merry-making
is treating you well this year!


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