iiii'm dreeeeeamingggg of a whiiiiite chriiiistmas

just like the ones i used to know...

the lovely ms. french over at bliss had a snowy post yesterday, and it made me miss the snow in my home city oh-so-much.

my solution? search for snowy pictures of my favorite city and share them with you.

view from a plane
{via tripadvisor.com}

in front of the museum of natural history
{via members.virtualtourist.com}

sid the kid
{via life.com}

ppg place skating rink
{via omgpittsburgh.com}

lions at the pittsburgh zoo
{via commons.wikimedia.org} 

{via deadspin.com}

{via pittsburghskyline.com}

{via chronicle.pitt.edu}

{via blog.modcloth.com}

penguins at the zoo
{via penguinplacepost.wordpress.com}

i'm off to eat waffles and wrap christmas presents.
hope your saturday is full of weekend goodness!

merry christmas sugar plums!


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