word for wednesday

lately i've been reading through the old testament in the mornings. i'm getting to the end of 2 kings, and what hit me this morning was how many times 1 & 2 kings talk about good kings and evil kings, but more often than not even the good kings failed to "take down the high places" and the people still made sacrifices to idols.

and for as many times as i've read that it hit me in a different way this morning. i am walking with the Lord - i hope that if i had been a queen in the old testament [who actually held any power - whole other can of worms...] i would be one who walked with the Lord as david did, and yet, i wonder -- would i have taken down the high places, or would i leave them there because they had become accepted as part of the culture?

which leads straight to this next question: what are the "high places" in my life? what are the things that i allow in my life now that don't belong there? what are the areas that i need to take down? those things that are so stealth in their existence that they slip by unnoticed continuing to harm me in a respectable way?

this question has been haunting me all day long. there are a few ways that i can think of, but i know that there are plenty that are slipping through the cracks.

and so, my prayer all day has been for God to show me those things that go by unnoticed. the ways that i allow other things to become idols. the ways that i allow anything to become something other than what it was made to be.

today i'm reminded that sanctification is a process. and one day, i'll be made whole and complete. i'll be made into my true self. one without the vices, and the ugliness.

and in the midst of it i'm grateful. i'm thankful that the God of the universe has deemed me worthy of the trouble. even though i rarely like the lessons in the midst of them. today, i'm grateful for growth, even if growth hurts.

i'm thankful that i serve a really big God who won't give up on me, even if that is absolutely what i deserve.

time to find those high places,
and tear them down.


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