here, there, and everywhere

i haven't been writing as much lately. it's not because there hasn't been much going on -- on the contrary, our schedule has been rather full. it's just because i have sat down at my computer, or with my journal open, and stared at the blank canvas without knowing what should fill it.

and every time i stare for too long at the white space on my computer i find myself bored. so, i head off to pinterest to cure my boredom, and all of my possible writing time turns into pinning time...

i digress.

i feel as though i have too many things in my head to make sense of any of them. lately, i have been feeling the paradox of choice. there are so many different things that i could do that i don't know how to choose. i'm getting lost in the static, lost in the noise of the possibilities.

it's times like these when i have to stop. pause. wait. let the static turn into white noise, and roll off my back into the abyss. i have to refocus. stop thinking about everything possible and think instead about the possibilities i'd like to reach.

it's really really easy to lose focus. to let the urgent things become more important than the important things. and lately, i've been getting sucked in to the urgent things. i've lacked a zest for life, and have been plodding through it instead.

there has been so much going on i feel like i haven't had the time to pause and breathe. hopefully i'll start thinking of this week less as something i have to do, and more as something i get to do.

it helps that one of my good friends from college is getting married this weekend which means i get to see many of my favorite people the girls always have a way of reminding me of the good things in life. i'm so very excited to see them!

here's my prayer -- i should say it more often than i do.

have a fabulous week!


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