an early morning & a photo shoot

i've never been much of a morning person - at least as long as i can remember. lately i've been trying to get up with the rest of the east coast, at some kind of normal, non-ridiculously-absurd time. you know, like 7:30 or 8-ish. respectable, but not up just for kicks.

this morning however peter was flying out at 8 a.m. which means he needed to be at the airport by 7 a.m. which means we had to leave by 6:20 a.m. which means i had to wake up at 5:45 a.m. after going to bed around 12:05 a.m.

in short, early mornings and i do not get along.

anyway, i'm on to my third cup of coffee, and will be truly awake soon.

in other news, i realized that i never shared about our photo shoot! first, i need to give you a bit of backstory.

peter has never been a huge fan of getting his picture taken. i don't always love it either, but lately i had noticed that we really don't have many really good photos of us. for as long as we've been together, and as long as we've been married, we have a surprisingly small amount. the vast majority of those we do have are from trips we've taken, and forced family pictures [in which peter is rarely truly smiling]. we had never had a photo shoot per se, except for our wedding of course, but pictures of that were a necessity. i digress...

so, since we never had engagement photos taken i thought a five year anniversary photo shoot would be fitting. we put it off for a couple months because i wanted to have a photo shoot in which we would not be sweating the entire time, and one where we could get pictures for our christmas cards as well.

our photographer was one of our youth group students who is incredibly talented. she's a senior in high school, but has already done quite a few photo shoots. we haven't gotten all the pictures back yet - understandable since we just had the shoot on friday - but here are some of the previews she gave us.

"five years ago, i married my best friend"

{all photos by kfolk photos}

i can't wait to see the rest!!

happy thursday :o)


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