jumping into the funnel

can you believe thanksgiving is less than a week away?? it has been quite the week for us.

over the last seven days we've stayed in 3 different states, driven over 1,000 miles, and have visited with seventeen out of state relatives.

i've started listening to christmas music. we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday. we celebrated my grandfather's life. we bought a car.

long story short, one of peter's cousins - chris - came up to our house last thursday evening to stay the night. he also ventured on to richmond along with us on friday. in addition to visiting with chris, and packing for richmond on friday, i also got the call that my grandfather had passed away early friday morning - a somewhat ironic end to a veteran's life.

saturday chris, rachel [another cousin], meg [who will be a cousin], and i all ran the richmond half-marathon - along with about 6200 other people.

map of the course
{via krousecartography.com}

since i'm training for a full marathon i wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the half. i still wanted to beat my time from my first half-marathon, but wasn't sure if that was entirely realistic. i ended up finishing in 1:40:03 - almost 5 minutes faster than my first one. admittedly i wish that i could've run four seconds faster, but i can't say i'm disappointed with the result either.

anyway, we spent the rest of saturday lounging around in sweats and pajamas watching movies, eating warm comfort food, and drinking some pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks.

after church on sunday we had a fabulous lunch and then continued about 5 1/2 hours north to my brother's house in pittsburgh.

the viewing for my grandfather was on monday, and the funeral was on tuesday.

tuesday afternoon we made the trek back home. and the past couple days were spent tying up loose ends, getting caught up on grocery shopping, and moving business stuff forward.

it doesn't seem possible that it's friday already, but when the week seemingly started on wednesday i guess that's what happens.

despite the fact that things are getting back to "normal" and back on track after our longer-than-originally-planned trip they're also crazier than normal should be. [in my opinion, anyway...]

last night as we were talking with peter's parents about some of the adoption stuff his mom used the phrase "jumping into the funnel". that's really what life feels like right now. jumping in with both feet. everything seems overwhelming, and out of control.

it's scary, and crazy, and hard. but over and over again conversations, thoughts, and life have all come back to the question of control. i have to trust that God is in control. that's the only way i can jump into the funnel. the only way i can trust that getting tossed around by life will ever make any sense.

life is rarely what you expected. even last night as we were talking about adoption my mother-in-law turned to me and said, "you've always said you wanted to adopt a little african baby." and i replied "yeah, i just didn't think he would come first."

life is rarely what you expected. and for as difficult and frustrating as that can be at times you either believe that God is in control, and life will work out better than you thought through the redemption he brings, or you don't.

funny how simplicity isn't easy, huh?

i hope you had a good week.
happy friday!


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