dear zack,

i know last night was a tough night for you, kiddo. i know you were proud of your team as you walked off of the field, despite the score left on the scoreboard. and i know today - when you don't have practice or a game - it will really start to sink in that your high school career is over.

while it seems cliché to say "i know how you feel," i honestly cannot think of anything better right now. i know it sucks. especially when all you can do is look at it in hindsight and wish things had ended a little differently - as in hoisting a trophy instead of elimination.

i know that pouring your heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into something, and not getting all you had hoped out of it is heartbreaking. that staring across an empty field at the end of four years, and wondering how in the world it can all just be over is one of the weirdest possible feelings. it's full of anything but certainty. and for as much as you enjoyed it, not knowing what exactly will come next, or what steps you'll take to get there can be a bit unnerving.

so what can i tell you?

remember that there is a God in heaven who obviously wanted you to play in your senior season. remember that he is in control of what comes next. trust that if you seek him, you'll get where you need to be.

remember that you have a family and a support network who want to see you succeed, and who will back you 100%.

and so, from one to the next...

{photo credit: sharla miller}

...remember that while one chapter is closing, another one is just around the corner.

and who knows?
maybe the next four years
will end with a hoisted trophy.


  1. As a grand mom, I do thank you for your "letter" to Zack. It brought tears to my eyes and thankfulness to my heart as I thought about what you said when you wrote that God obviously wanted him to play soccer his senior year---it was truly a miracle and favor from our Heavenly Father! Speaking of trophies, Zack is one of my hoisted trophies----
    Thanks again for your post, it is special!


  2. Dear, dear Katie... I haven't been on my blog in days... I didn't see your post... And then my mom called to ask, 'who wrote the letter to Zack?' There aren't even words to say what you have meant to our family in these last few weeks! Your prayers, your support, just your presence (and Peter's) at some soccer games that probably shouldn't have even been possible given the extent of his injury.

    As a sister in Christ, thank you for your friendship... As a mom, thank you for being Jesus to my son when I really had no idea how to do that. He needed someone who had walked the path, thank you for jumping a fence and being that someone! You are special and such a blessing to our family! Hugs!!


  3. @ Melba: thanks so much for saying hi and for your sweet words!
    @ Sharla: I just love you to pieces! I'm glad that I could be there for this, and am glad to be part of your lives. Your whole family has been a blessing to us as well!


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