#1. i hate crying in front of people. hate it. when you cry in front of someone the emotion it usually evokes in him/her is pity. i hate it when people pity me.

#2. i really want this whole business venture to succeed, and i wish i had a better idea of what i'm doing, and what will make that happen.

#3. if i could only pick one food to eat for the rest of my life i'd pick cheese. i've never met a cheese i don't like.

#4. i love good photography. good photos capture the essence of the situation, and let you remember it forever.

#5. i like cooking, but i enjoy baking more. it actually bothers me that i haven't had time to bake anything since just after christmas. and i desperately [dramatic, i know...] want to try my hand at making macaroons.

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

#6. i hate doing laundry. one time in college i went out and bought a week's worth of underwear so i could make it to break without doing my laundry. [this is also one of the many reasons why i have so many clothes.]

#7. putting together my outfit in the morning is usually one of the best parts of my day. i love the self-expression inherent in the task.

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