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life is crazy. just crazy. now that soccer is in full swing i consider it a good day if i get done even half of what's on my to do list for any given day. the business is coming along, though admittedly a little slower than i would like. i feel like i have to start "going" from the moment i wake up in the morning until the moment my head hits the pillow at night.

last night peter was out of town for work, and i had to remind myself that it really was okay for me to watch a show without working on something else too. productivity is important, yes, but so is breathing and taking a little time to relax. [keyword: little]

i cannot believe that march is right around the corner. i haven't even gotten used to february yet. twenty twelve is flying by already, but it seems as though we've hardly scratched the surface.

march down here means spring, though it seems as though we skipped winter entirely this year - save for one or two days... i'm not quite sure i'm ready for spring, and i know i'm not ready for summer to rear its ridiculously warm head again.

i'm sure it will all go by faster than i can blink though. it seems to do that no matter what. the unspoken motto for this year seems to be -- hold on, or you'll get left behind. so i'm holding on, and trying to somehow find a way to enjoy the everyday things. you know, those things that i can't quite make out until they've already blown by.

how are you? has life been crazy for you too?

i hope you're having
a pleasant week!


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