dear someday baby,

it's strange to say that i've been thinking about you a lot since i still don't know who you are, or if you even exist yet, but it's true nonetheless. i've been thinking about how we'll have to rearrange our house, and rearrange our lives because you'll be here.
and i so want you to be here.

i've been praying for you too. and for me. that i'll be able to hang on just a little longer. everyday i tell myself to keep holding on. to keep believing that you'll come someday. and i keep hoping that someday is sooner rather than later.

i wonder what your favorite toy will be, whether you'll be an introvert or an extrovert, what color eyes you'll have, whether you'll be emotional (like me), or logical (like your daddy).

i wonder when you'll find your way into the world. i wonder which room you'll be in when you take your first steps. i wonder if you'll be a curious and inquisitive child, or a cautious one, who takes calculated risks. i wonder how stubborn you'll be.

there are so many adventures i want to have with you.

i'll take you for runs, and bike rides, and on walks with bexley. we'll go to the store, to the park, to the pool. we'll teach you how to kick a soccer ball, how to ski, how to help your grandpa lift weights and do push-ups, how to be a steelers fan, and that heinz is the only real ketchup - all of which are pretty essential if you ask me...

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we'll tell you all the time how much we love you. and we'll keep telling you always. even when you're a teenager because that's probably when you'll like us the least, and need to hear it the most.

we'll do our best to show you the world - to help you learn about different cultures, and learn to appreciate people who are different than you. we'll try to teach you the difference between a right and a privilege, and the importance of both hard work and persistence.

i wish i knew when you were coming - if for nothing else than to know you're coming at all.
i love you to pieces already babykins.

your mama


  1. I prayed the same kind of prayers before we got Ben. I know it's hard to wait on God's timing!


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